We stock magnesium of AZ31B quality implying that this alloy was slightly alloyed with aluminum and zinc. Because this magnesium is even lighter than aluminum, it's widely used in the aerospace and automotive industry. Salomon's Metalen supplies this metal to a wide range of industries and would like to welcome you as a new, satisfied customer.

Magnesium: fast delivery

Salomon's Metalen has a large warehouse where magnesium is always kept on stock. This allows a quicker delivery. In addition to this, we can perform diverse operations on metals with our extended machine park. This way you'll receive magnesium pre-prepared for the intended use.

The Red Book

This website is the digital version of our catalog. Among customers as well as within our own organisation it is known as the Red Book. In this booklet you will find all of our metals and alloys, usefully displayed in rows. Fully complete with specifications and possible forms. Would you like to order magnesium or would you like to receive our Red Book first? Please call us at +31 (0)50 - 542 12 00.