Waterjet cutting

All sheet materials which are available at Salomon’s Metalen can be shaped using waterjet cutting technology. Waterjet cutting is a method to cut shapes from various plate materials. Using a diamond inlaid nozzle, water is expelled with a pressure of approximately 3600 bar. The jet of water reaches a speed of more than 3000 km/h and is so powerful that almost any material can be cut using this technology.

An abrasive powder (fine sand) is added to the waterjet to cut the metal. The speed and quality of the cut of which the various materials can be shaped, depends on many factors:

  • the pressure of the water
  • the amount of abrasive powder
  • the quality of the abrasive powder
  • the complexity of the contour

Advantages of waterjet cutting:

  • the material is cut virtually burr-free
  • the cut is of constant, high quality
  • no deformation or discolouration
  • there's no heat in the process so all properties of the material remain unchanged


Besides the possibility to cut the plates in various standard shapes, we can also help you with custom waterjetcutting. We can cut every custom profile based on a DXF, DWG or IGES file. You can email your own designs which we subsequently load into our machine to cut your custom contours.

 waterjet cutter waterjet cutter waterjet cutter

With our high-tech waterjet cutters we can cut our plates to virtually any shape, within tight tolerances.