Salomon's Metalen BV is a company with a no-nonsense approach. We are able to guarantee the quality of our products and treatments with utmost confidence. We have 40 years of specialist know-how and experience with various metals and treatments. Thus we will be pleased to offer you comprehensive advice.
The highest level of care is taken for every delivery; be it for the chemicals industry, the construction sector, the tool-production industry, the ship-building sector, the aircraft and aerospace industry, the offshore industry or the industrial sector in general.
For many years we have been able to proudly maintain a satisfied customer base, because we make clear agreements for products and services and always live up to them.

This website not only contains an overview of products deliverable from stock, but it also contains important data and other useful information. After viewing the website, do you have specific questions about a particular product, are you not able to find a product or would you like information about a particular treatment? Then please feel free to contact one of our salespeople on the following number: +31 50 542 12 00. You could also send us an e-mail by clicking on 'Contact'.